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aubest.com Website Listing Feature
Complete Asian marketing strategy. Every year there are more and more Asian visitors who prefer to plan and travel by themselves instead of joining the group tour. They are keen to join the local tour upon their arrival. They love to visit natural scenes only found in Australia and experience different cultural background customs. They have some understanding of English, but still like to use their own language to search for relevant information on internet. Our Chinese language online tourism information website listing service assist you to promote your business, allows travelers easily to find you, to send highly qualified visitors to your website and increase your online visibility.

Guiding Asian visitors to your business.  We Brief introduce your business and translate into Chinese, such as your tour’s itinerary, sightseeing highlights, rates, special offers detail, location and full contact details: address, telephone number, fax number, email address and direct link to your website. You haven’t any language barrier between you and your potential Asian visitors. We provide simple step-by-step instructions showing visitors how to make a booking on your internet booking form, email or phone, ensuring quick and easy communication between you and your Asian visitors.  

NO Agents, NO commissions. Directly link to your website can increase your without being charged any commissions.

Its affordable cost only from $1 dollar a day.  you can join our 24/7 online website listings for gain exposure to our massive traffic! Can be exposed in the most effective way promote your business.

aubest.com Web Listing Package
Brief introduce your business such as itinerary, highlights, your products, service rates, special offers detail, location, booking instruction and full contact details (address, tel, fax, website and email), translate into Chinese and set up print function.

You business address details / how to get there with map directions for visitor assistance.

Up to 8 photo images (size set) or Logo / brand.

Listing your business on our Web travel directory under the relevant state & region.

Listing your business under the relevant category: tour, accommodation, shopping, restaurant, transportation, attraction, winery, eco tour, entertainment, souvenir etc.  

Active link directly to your website and gain exposure to our massive traffic! Increase your Asian tourist customer online booking.

$365.00 per annum (Inc: GST)