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aubest.com is the largest Internet travel sites ( Chinese language) in Australia, (Ranked top 1 by Chinese Google / Yahoo for the search term ‘Australia travel’ and top 5 for ‘Australia’).

aubest.com deliver an average of 20,000 pages to more than 3,000 unique Visitors  every day - Chinese speaking tourists who want more information for they are planning to visit Australia.  Most of them are FIT tourists from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and inter-state Australian Chinese.

aubest.com is the first Chinese language listing website built specifically for Australian tourism industry suppliers to promote their businesses to the Asian tourists market worldwide through our website listing travel directory since year 2000.

aubest.com So far has 16,113 pages of information and pictures, 13,753 inter-links. We are also connected to more than 1,000 outside travel websites (tw, hk, cn, sq, my, au). We offer Chinese-speaking tourists an interactive business directory that allows overseas visitors to search almost every information they need. We have users-friendly Chinese-speaking visitors’ guidelines for every state of Australia: VIC, NSW, QLD,SA, WA, TAS, NT and ACT, providing information on accommodation, attractions, local tours, transportation, restaurants of different cuisine, souvenirs to buy and other services for interest. The visitors will be able to have more detailed local tourism information and make better plans in their own countries before they visit Australia.

We all know that every year there are more and more overseas Chinese who prefer to plan and travel to Australia by themselves instead of joining the planned group tour. They are keen to join the local tour upon their arrival. They like to buy local- made souvenirs, taste local food, and stay Australia-style accommodation. They love to visit natural scenes only found in Australia and experience different cultural background customs. They have some understanding of English, but still like to use their own language to search for relevant tourism information about Australia on internet.

aubest.com has reached an agreement with over 680 retail travel agencies in P.R.China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to promote our service further to their clients.

aubest.com has built business partnership relations with the world-known web search online, such as the Chinese Google, the Chinese Yahoo and the Chinese MSN. If you business site listing on our website, large numbers of Chinese speaking visitors will be able to see it by entering the site when they search for the Chinese system of these world known websites. They will also go into your English website via the connection we have. Your advertising can be exposed in the most effective way.

aubest.com has separate hosting server in Asia and Australia, which means a fast speed of the download in Asia [ www.aubest.com], in Australia [ www.aubest.com]. Australia has the broadband frequency that is different from ADSL in Asia. It will significantly effect its promotion.

In 2010, more than 980,000 Chinese-speaking Asian tourists visited Australia, and this number is predicted to grow to 1.45 million Chinese-speaking Asian visitors by 2012, aubest.com offers you the opportunity for the promotion your services and products to reach this extremely important and rapidly growing market.

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